WISE 2022 Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences

This semester's PTC has also been split into two days: one for elementary students and one for middle and high school students. To share with parents, our teachers have prepared examples of students' schoolwork, relevant test scores, and observations of the student's class participation, academic work, and social growth. When the parents return home, they can still view their children's test scores and assignments via the school system.

2022 National Disaster Prevention Day

Earthquakes happen frequently in Taiwan. To avoid disaster when an earthquake strikes, we should all be prepared at any time. On National Disaster Prevention Day on September 21st, WISE conducted the earthquake drill for students from grade 1 to grade 12 in accordance with the government. Students had to follow the steps of Drop, Cover, and Hold On, and evacuate to the open space before aftershocks occur.

We hope that through this drill, students will be able to keep calm and make the correct decision when accidents happen.

WISE 2022 Grade 1 Orientation

Last week here at WISE, we welcomed our cutest members to the school.

Thanks to our grade one teachers’ hard work, our G1 students had an exciting time meeting their teachers and classmates face-to-face as well as exploring the campus during orientation week. It was momentous for them as it represents a milestone in their primary school life, and they are well-prepared for the adventure in the coming school year!

Back to School!

Welcome back, everyone!

It’s the start of a new semester again. Have you chosen your club yet?

School club is always a great way to explore new interests and you might develop new skills there.

It can also help you release stress from studying.

WISE hopes you all have a great time visiting the HS Club Fair! And enjoy your club time!

Agyness Tsang - Accepted to Arizona State University

Agyness Tsang, our G12 student, has been accepted to several of the most prestigious public universities in the US, including Arizona State University, Michigan State University, and the University of Minnesota Duluth. Agyness has decided to attend Arizona State University and major in Business Data Analytics. According to the Wall Street Journal, ASU has one of the top five best business schools in the country. Agyness has also received ASU's international student scholarship. We are confident that she will continue to excel at university, and we wish her every success!

Ives Lai - Accepted to the University of Illinois at Chicago

Ives Lai, our G12 student, has been accepted to several of the most prestigious public universities in the US, including the University of Illinois at Chicago and George Mason University. He will attend the University of Illinois Chicago to study management information systems. In today's economy, Ives believes that managing information is critical to a company's success. The Management Information System at the University of Illinois Chicago is an excellent opportunity to become a knowledgeable professional and contribute to the advancement of the world.