WISE 2023 Fire Drill

WISE and the Shuinan Branch of the Fire Department held the annual joint Fire Drill.

Students first watched a video to learn about fire safety awareness. Through practical CPR and fire extinguisher operations, we learned how to effectively self-rescue and assist others while escaping in the event of a fire.

Accidents come unexpectedly. Through regular promotion, teachers and students became more and more familiar with disaster response.

Last but not least, we sincerely thank the Shuinan Branch of the Fire Department for their assistance!

2023 World Scholar's Cup

The World Scholar’s Cup is an academic competition. Students compete in events such as Team Debate, Collaborative Writing, Scholar’s Challenge, and Scholar’s Bowl. Each year, students prepare by studying the curriculum for the given theme. This year, the theme was “Reconstructing the Past”. Our scholars, G9 Maggie Meng, G12 Jessy Fan, and G12 Chieler Li participated in the Regional Round which was held in Kaohsiung American School. We would like to congratulate them for qualifying for the Global Rounds and hope to see great things from them in the future.

WISE 2023 Basketball Match

Last Monday(3/20), we had a Basketball match with MingDao High School. Our extraordinary players and Mingdao’s excellent players have an unforgettable friendly competition!

A basketball match is not only a test of endurance but also wits, with both players giving 100% effort and completing this exciting match.

We are honored that WISE has won this match and we do appreciate MingDao High School for giving us this opportunity.

WISE 2023 Spring College Presentation

This week, WISE welcomed two special guests from the University of the Incarnate Word and San Jose State University. Both schools provide students with educational, experiential, and career-development opportunities. UIW has one of the best nursing schools in the country as Texas' largest Catholic college. Its Schools of Education and Business have also received national accreditation from the appropriate bodies. SJSU, on the other hand, is California's top public university.

WISE 2023 Spring PTC

Last weekend, we welcomed our parents from grades 1–12 to join us for this semester’s PTC. It helps the teacher to discuss a child’s chronological progress at school, focusing on the student’s specific strengths and weaknesses in individual subjects and generalizing the level of inter-curricular skills and competencies. In WISE, we organize PTC every semester so that our teachers and parents can work hand in hand toward a child's development. Thank you so much for coming!

WISE 2023 Book Fair

Every year, WISE hosts a book fair for our students and parents, which is co-organized by Caves Books. We offer a wide range of books for our readers of all ages and tastes, from literary classics to comic books. A book fair is an excellent opportunity to build students' home libraries, further their reading and comprehension skills, and often build knowledge and vocabulary critical for understanding new subject matter. This practice enables families to make reading a family event.


WISE 2023 International Women's Day

Every year on March 8th, International Women's Day is observed to honor the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women all over the world. In many countries, March is also Women's History Month. It is a time to celebrate and recognize women's incredible contributions throughout history. WISE has always educated students about gender equality and assisted them in developing self-confidence. Reading is one of the best ways to celebrate and feel inspired during this special time.

WISE 2023 Sports Day

We had our sports day last weekend at Feng Jia University.

The Sports day at WISE could be meaningful because it is also a family day. We invited parents to join us as a volunteer or to participate in the competition. Students get a chance to enjoy the match and build a bonding with friends and parents through working together while being eager to win.

We enjoy the sunshine, sweating, cheering for housemates, teamwork, and laughing together…

I guess this is the power of sport: it brings people together.

WISE 2022 Christmas Events

Let us look back at the festive moments of Christmas this year!

We held a series of activities to celebrate Christmas before the Christmas holiday. We had several performances from our elementary classes. They are so talented that there are different types of performances, such as singing, reading, playing an instrument, dancing, etc. They work hard on preparing this show. Thank you for making us a lovely Christmas memory.

WISE 2022 Share Food, Share Love

WISE invited students and parents to participate in the "Share Food, Share Love" food drive under the direction of Principal Liz and the student council to educate students about and support the issue of food waste in Taiwan. WISE students, parents, and teachers enthusiastically participated in the food drive. They raised close to one million NT dollars with the help of Mr. Johnson Huang, President of the Wagor Parent Association.