WISE 2023 Basketball Match

Last Monday(3/20), we had a Basketball match with MingDao High School. Our extraordinary players and Mingdao’s excellent players have an unforgettable friendly competition!

A basketball match is not only a test of endurance but also wits, with both players giving 100% effort and completing this exciting match.

We are honored that WISE has won this match and we do appreciate MingDao High School for giving us this opportunity.

We believe this experience will bring significant growth to the players of both teams. We will not become arrogant in victory, nor be discouraged by defeat, this is the spirit that a true athlete should possess!

WISE Basketball team will have two more exciting schedules this week:

❍ 3/27 (Mon.) WISE Basketball Team vs. JIS (Jiun Tou Senior High) Basketball Team

❍ 3/31 (Fri.) WISE Basketball Team vs. Wagor High School (Beitun)

Please stay tuned for our next week's updates!